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What We Do

The Shingo Forum exists to encouraging the sharing of ideas and inspiration between organizations. This virtual networking group meets monthly and includes a guest speaker; interactive workshop and expert facilitation.

There is no cost to join, but to participate you need to have an interest in Continuous Improvement and Enterprise Excellence. If you are interested in registering for the Forum please do email info@shingoforum.org

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This monthly virtual forum will provide you with a chance to hear from Shingo Facilitators, Examiners and Award-Winners.

  • Benchmarking
  • Sharing ideas & Inspiration
  • Networking (in a fun way – no selling!)
  • Discounts to Best Practice Visits
  • Access to Webinar Recordings & Resources

The forum is supported and delivered by S A Partners – a SHINGO Affiliate.

Speaker: Ken Snyder

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Ken Snyder is the executive director of the Shingo Institute. Mr. Snyder has served as a member of the Shingo Executive Advisory Board since 2009, as a Shingo Examiner since 2010, and as Shingo advisory board chairman since 2013. He became executive director in 2015. Mr. Snyder developed an interest in Japanese business practices while living in Japan during the time he was a student.

His interest led him to major in Japanese history and then to pursue an MBA for the purpose of working with a Japanese business. Inspired by the work of Professors Mike Yoshino and William Ouchi, Mr. Snyder wrote his master’s thesis on “Applying Japanese Business Practices in American Companies.” Mr. Snyder earned an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1980 with an emphasis in international business.

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