About Shingo

The Shingo prize is named in honour of Dr. Shigeo Shingo, who was instrumental in developing the world-famous Toyota Production System. Dubbed the “Nobel Prize of Manufacturing” by BusinessWeek, the Shingo Prize was established in 1988 at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University as a way to recognise great organisations worldwide, and to set a world standard for Enterprise Excellence.

The Shingo prize measures an organisation’s successful establishment of a culture anchored on principles of operational excellence based on the understanding that Enterprise Excellence is much more than the application of lean tools. The Shingo Model™ is not just another initiative; it is a new way of thinking.

The Shingo Model is based around 10 Guiding Principles which align the systems within an organisation and the specific tools required to produce results.

  1. Respect every individual
  2. Lead with humility
  3. Seek perfection
  4. Assure quality at source
  5. Flow and pull value
  6. Embrace scientific thinking
  7. Focus on process
  8. Think systemically
  9. Create constancy of purpose
  10. Create value for the customers

The Shingo approach is a way of creating sustainable and excellent results. This involves overcoming two major hurdles: